Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Test Planning (draft)

The following document identifies some useful steps an process that must be implemented during the test planning phase.

Identify System environment
- Networks: What network type are you using, WAN, LAN, VPN? What are the limitations?
- Platforms: What operating systems does the AUT support. Can it only work on certain versions of an OS e.g Windows 2000 but not Windows 98 etc
- Languages: What human languages does the application support. Just English? Or more?

Define your Testing Environment

- Database server: What databases are in use in the AUT?
- Database structure: Identify your database schema that will be used to retrieve data from the database.
- Database access: What are the available usernames for each database instance? What is your database downtime schedule to avoid scheduling tests at those times?

Management Priorities
- What are you testing for? Performance? Functionality? Backward compatibility?
- What is the proposed release date of the application?

Testing resources
- PCs available
- Time
- Skills testers have
- Determine what and how you want to test

Identify the risks
- Failures that cause the most damage

Prioritize the testing tasks
- Which application modules will be tested first

Define test subjects
- Divide your application into modules or functions
- Build a test plan tree

Define tests
- Step- Description- Expected Results

Design test steps
- Break down each step; points you want to check