Thursday, February 01, 2007

Exercises: TSL

1. Modify the following code using comment and inserting missing symbols so that it would run properly

------ code start
Declaring a variable
static numCount This variable will hold the number of times I execut the test
// Assigning a value to this variable
numCount = 3;
/* Print the variable */
print("Value of numCount:" + numCount);

------ code ends

2) Indicate which of the following are incorrect And what (if anything is wrong)

int intNumberofDays

static numBankBalance
numBankBalance = "Hello";

public numLoopCounter
numLoopCounter = 14

Static strData;

static if = 0;

public +2;
+2 = "Hello";

Static list+names;
list+names = "John, James, Victor";

static a;
static b = "Hello";
a = b + "2";

3. Complete the following if statement to display "More than 10" if the input value is more than 10.

static numInput;
numInput = 7;

# Please create the appropriate if statement

4. Create an if statement to display "5 or more" if the input value is 5 or greater and "Less than 5" if it is not

static numInput;
numInput = 7;

# Please create the appropriate if statement

5) Create an if statement structure to display
* "Even" if a number is even
* "Odd" if the number is odd
* "Zero" if the number is 0
* "Negative" if the number is less than zero.

Please note that all these are mutually exclusive i.e. a number can either be even, odd, zero or negative.

6. Fix the errors in the following TSL code to make it function properly

Declare a variable
static numData
numData = 7; This is an assignment statement
//Print the value

7. Write TSL code that prints out all the even number between 1 and 10 in the following form

1, 3, 5, 7, 9
Note: PLease use only 1 pause statement.

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