Saturday, July 31, 2010

VBScript Assignment

This assignment is due on Tuesday (8/3/2010)

a. Declare variables or constants for the following items
b. Assign appropriate values to the declared variables

Declare a variable or constants and assign appropriate values for the following:

a. Today's Date
b. The name of a file
c. The number of people in Columbus
d. The number of days in a week
e. The number of days in a year
f. Whether it will be cloudy tomorrow
g. The price of a book
h. The first month of the year
i. Yesterdays date
j. Whether a test passed or failed.

2. Compete the following
'Complete the following script to convert
'an input time in minutes into hours and minutes

Option Explicit

Dim numInput, numHour, numMinute
Dim strMessage

numInput = InputBox("Enter time in minutes")
numInput = CInt(numInput)

'Convert the time to hours and minutes
'Assign the result to strMessage as the following
' 150 minutes equals 2hr(s) and 30min(s)

Msgbox strMessage

3. Write a short VBScript program that accepts a number from a user in Celsius and converts it to Fahrenheit.

The formula for Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion is:
a. Multiply the Celsius temperature by 9
b. Divide the answer by 5
c. Now add 32