Sunday, August 17, 2008

Flight Reservation Tests

Click on the links below for material useful for testing the Flight Reservation application.

Object repository

Database Schema

Additional Useful details:

Username: any name

Password: mercury

Below are the test cases for the Flight Reservation application.

1. The tests can be found at

2. Here is an additional test
TEST 1: Insert New Order

You can create your object repository or use the one at

The Object Repository can be downloaded from

A few of the solutions are provided so you can look at a version of wrking solutions for some of these tests:

[Verify Launch]
[Verify Legal]
[Book Flight]

Please remember that these are zip files and you will need to unzip them in order to use the test properly. If your object repository is not in c:\My Tests folder, you will need to point the test to the location of your object repository so that it can run properly.

You can find some more tests and information at the links below: